Season 1

S2 EP 20- Not Just Another Stripclub DJ

A helpful DJ contributes to the environment and a crappy ones makes everybody less money: hear from Portland stripclub DJ Fogues about how he approaches work to optimize the experience for the customers and to increase the money and safety for the dancers and other staff.

S2 EP 17 - Lez Get Physical

Elle tells Jon about her first 'girl/girl' webcam show and the logistics and prep of live-p-o-r-n making. Also, Jon gives feedback on Hustlers movie and Elle talks about the time New Zealand decriminalized prostitution.

S2 EP 16 - Savvy Parenting is Consent Aware + Sex-Positive

Do you have children or are you around them? Sleep training, attachment-parenting, breast-feeding, diaper-changing, nudity around others: we tackle a few tough questions with childcare and sleep expert Moorea Malatt. Hear more of Moorea on her podcast: Wash Your Mouth Out.

S2 EP 12 - Crying After Sex + Caregiver Neglect

Our guest Katherine Friedman talks with Elle and Jon about Predators in Community.How are toxic dating cycles created by unsafe childhoods? We hear from therapist Katherine Friedman on anxiety disorders, post coital dysphoria, and discuss PTSD and ADHD.

S2 EP 7 - Decrim Oregon Now

Elle makes a case for amending current statutes regarding consensual adult sex for money at a meeting with Portland Police Bureau and Jon shares his first FSSW experience with a very anxious client.

S2 EP5 - Non-Monogamy Aesthetic

Elle gives updates on her (open) relationship and Jon explains why he's learning to love himself before attempting open relationships. Let's talk non monogamy!

S2 EP4 - O Joy Sex Toy!

Sex ed cartoonist Erika Moen joins us to talk about queer lust, erotica, and dealing with the pressures of online notoriety.