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St James Infirmary Clinic – A longtime health and advocate center that is sex worker supporting.

Cleis Press is a longtime sex-positive publisher of erotica, featuring our episode 2 guest, Stella Harris. - Keep in contact as your sexual rights and freedoms slip away.

How to Circumvent Bad Technology for Sex workers – A beginner’s guide to avoiding the consequences of FOSTA/SESTA.

SIECUS.ORG - The Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States is a great master resource. - A website that is built for teens and adolescents, but great for curious bodies and brains of all ages.

Kink Aware Professionals - a directory of psychotherapeutic, medical, legal and other professionals who have stated that they are knowledgeable about and sensitive to diverse expressions of sexuality

"The Revolution Starts At Home" - How do we manage abusers within activism communities? Recommended reading by guest bedfellow Leila Haile (episode 24)

20 online resources via Mashable - A collection of online-sex ed resources in one article

1999 Leather Alliance statement on Abuse vs BDSM - This dusty weblink outlines some of the language that helped form Consensual BDSM practices today, and offers good distinction between abuse and kink, in terms that may apply to the law too.

All My Relations Podcast; Dr. Kim Tallbear - A look at non-monogamy from an indigenous educator, recommended by our friend Lilly Manycolors.

Making love and relations beyond settler sexualities: - More for indigenous Americans on poly relationships, as mentioned in season 2, episode 17


Caliban and the witch - Silvia Federici investigates the capitalist rationalization of social reproduction.

Two-Spirit People- Jacobs, Thomas and Lang is a textbook comprised of native peoples and non-natives and anthropologists in an exploration of gender and sexuality issues as they relate to lesbian, gay, transgendered, and other Native Americans.

Girl Sex 101" - for cis and trans women and the people who love them and love to give them pleasure.

"Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication In Sex, Kink, and Relationships" written by sex coach Stella Harris, uses simple language to help with complex and common issues.

"Fucking Trans Women" - is a great big zine written by Mira Bellweather, by-and-for trans women - to teach you about bodily functions and concepts that trans people and their partners might encounter.

Community Services

SpeechPDX - A Portland-based sex positive event and education center.

Q Center - An LGBTQI-focused event and education center in NE Portland.

Connective Therapy Services" is your Portland therapy resource for queer, kinky and working humans.

WorkPlace Violence in Strip Clubs Study (2019) - Get a close look at a recently published study conducted with sex workers in mind.

Attunement Psychotherapy - Margaret King is a sex-worker and kink friendly therapy provider who specializes in art and nature therapy.

Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) Oregon - This Beaverton-located center is a 40+ year old provider of sexual assault services and is committed to improving how it addresses the needs of marginalized clients such as sworkers.