Your hosts

Elle is your season 1 and 2 co-host and producer of Strange Bedfellows. Elle's photos and writing have been published online for over thirteen years, and she has spent the last ten years as a stripper, webcam worker, paid companion, writer and lobbyist in Oregon. Elle co-parents a child and loves poodles

Jon is your Season 2 host. He enjoys writing, following current affairs, has worked in webcam, as a paid cuddler, writing for various online outlets and his college newspaper, and enjoys video games and hanging out with his boyfriend in Northern California.


We believe that sexual rights and human rights are inextricably linked and that we can create a brighter world through inclusive education and conversation. 

How does queerness intersect with activism? What can regular people do to impact the American legislative system? How can kink benefit trauma survivors?  Why does my body do that.. thing? 

No question is too dark, no topic too taboo, and we explore it all with our expert guests and unusual friends.

Join us while we explore and uncover the things that make us squirm, make us shiver, make us tingle in delight. Because sex and politics can make for some very strange bedfellows.



Jen is your season 1 co-host of Strange Bedfellows. Jen has over twenty years of experience in the pole dancing and entertainment industry. She retired from adult performing to thrive in her new career as a private investigator. Jen has worked as a stripper all over the United States, and spent the latter decade dancing in Portland. She is a techno artist and former intern at the Salem state capitol.